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Born at a time when women were thought of nothing but a child bearing machine, Jodha, lived her life on her own terms. Married to emperor Akbar she still maintained her beliefs, followed hinduism her maiden religion. History later recorded her as one of the prominent influencer for the formation of Dine-e-ilahi.

  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Size: 24" x 36"
  • Quality: Available on Gallery quality stretched canvas, ready to be hung.
  • Minimum Donation: $2000
  • This painting in no longer available
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Disclaimer: Home of Hope, Inc. is pleased to announce that our Board Member Rajesh Relan, who is a renowned artist, is kindly donating his paintings to HoH, Inc. All proceeds will be used for the benefit of the children we serve through the many projects that we support. To keep the process fair, the paintings will go to donors on a first come first served basis. Mr. Relan will retain the right to prints of all the paintings and may use them for any purpose.

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