About Home of Hope

A non profit working for the disadvantaged child and groomimg the young advantaged to be better citizens

About Home of Hope

Home of Hope Inc (HOH) ( www. Hohinc.org ) is a California based 501( c)3 charity founded by Dr Nilima Sabharwal in 1999. HOH's mission is to empower disadvantaged children to become self-sustaining citizens of tomorrow by implementing programs in education and vocational training. HOH in partnership with orphanages and struggling schools, launched over 20 projects all over india, including one in Berkeley California. In addition to which HOH programs have IMPACTED a country like India in the area of hearing impairment and mental health.

Our heart-led all volunteer team, identify organizations that exemplify integrity, accountability and commitment to accelerate social and policy change in India. We raise funds for our partner projects, to develop their innovative programs. By scaling up the projects, HOH empowers our partners to expand their capacity and broaden their reach to impact maximum underprivileged and special need children and youth.

With minimal overhead (we are entirely volunteer driven) Home Of Hope has brought incredible change to the quality of life in over 100,000 of India's youth.

Why I choose Home of Hope

Mission and Goals

The mission and goals of HOH truly resonate with what a genuine volunteer would want to do. The focus at HOH is to make children independent self sustaining citizens. At HOH the benificires are not provided with the fish, but are taught how to fish.

Style of Operation

One of the very few organizations with almost no operating costs. There is no office, meetings are held in borrowed confrenece rooms, to the extent that the annual banquet is also hosted by the Board. At HOH every penny is spent like taking money away from the disadvantged.

The Robust Team

A group of highly motivated and dedicated Board and Volunteers. Each team member comes with an independent thought process and opinion, with their hearts in the same place. A place to learn a lot professionaly and grow as a human being.